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Charlie's Money Choices



Parents; remember when you got your first credit card? What did you use it for? Did you know how the interest worked? What about your first car or your first paycheck - did you have a plan?

Many adults find themselves digging out of a hole when it comes to early finances. What if you could change that for your loved ones? What if we could empower the next generation to make the financial system work for them instead of the other way around?

This is the heart behind Charlie’s Money Choices. Our financial legacies are either by design or by default and these conversations about money can set your children up for success.

In Charlie’s Money Choices we follow a high school student, Charlie, through his early financial journey - how should he pay for homecoming? Should he get a credit card? How will he pay for his first car or for college? What is this Cryptocurrency his cousin keeps talking about?

As the reader, we will have a chance to put ourselves in his shoes. What would YOU do? Join us on a quest to financial literacy and see what Charlie decides.

This book is ideal for any young person aged 12-18.

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